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Monday, 23 April 2012

Electrics,,,,,, whatt a buz

Not much work to do before I book the MOT. First things first connect all the loose wire connections.

The old wiring. Not sure what set up the previous owner had.

A great friend Dan McGrath solderd on the new Condenser and tidied up the stator wiring.
what a professional job, thanks Dan.

With the aid of  a 6V battery and tester I can check the cables.

A good tester is so helpful.

The bottom cable in this pic is the wiring loom.

I connected the horn, sounds like a duck with a smokers cough. 

First build the headlight

Brake light switch in position.

I have kept the original rear light but I did have to bolt on a new connector for the brake light.

Ready for the MOT.

Crimp on the eyes.

Connect to the power supply.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Getting Lindy on the road

 My journey so far

1. Restore scooter £3600  (DONE)

2. Join the Vintage motor scooter club. - £10  Lambretta Club of Great Briton  (DONE)

3. Apply for dating certificate from LCGB, send photos of Chassis and frame number. - £10  (DONE)

4. MOT scooter - £30.00  (DONE)

5. Request a V55/5 form from the DVLA (I had to do this 7 times still not turned up). They have taken 5 weeks to arrive.  (DONE)

6. Insure Scooter - I have NOT now used Bennetts they will insure your scoot on a Chassis number.  change of plan, Bennetts is not the one. I have had so much trouble with them. no one at Bennetts mentioned that when you insure with the frame number you have 30 days to get your log book/ reg sent to them. I have had the policy automatically cancelled as the time DVLA has taken went passed the 30 days. £30 cancellation charge plus 40% so lost most of my money, Bennets were a nightmare. I have now insured with Carol Nash again I now have 30 days to give my reg.  (DONE)

7. Send to your nearest DVLA Licensing office:
V55/5 form filled in
Insurance certificate
Dating certificate
Payment of £55
I also sent photos of Scooter rubbings of the chassis and engine number  (DONE)

(The DVLA  sometimes ask to inspect it at a local DVLA facility). and low and behold I have to take my Lindy there on the 24th, hey ho.
Also they insist I fill in a IMPORT PERMANENTLY FROM THE EEC form, when I rang to question  this I got through to the nice people in Swansea and they can't discuss your case only the local office and will not give the local number so you have to drive or write. All this time is eating in to my 30 days for the insurance.

8. Take scooter (on trailer) to pre arranged Inspection point. also had to fill in a VAT form. They will give you the reg same day if you hang around. Reg given on the day ?35 YUM,,,,,,,,,,,great, along with vintage tax disc .  (DONE) 

9. Order number plate on line DVLA give you a V948 to send away for your plate until the log book comes.  (DONE)

10. plate arrive bolt on.  (DONE)

11. Receive V5C in the post after a few days

12. RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (DONE)

13. SOLD  (DONE)

Use the lift to push on to the truck.

Tie down well to take to DVLA.

New plate arrives, all legal now.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

First ride

                                                      Just a little spin before the MOT run.

There she is!!!!!!!!!!

Passed the MOT today but on the way home the RH side panel fell off and received a nice gravel rash.

Tried to touch up but had a massive reaction from the clear coat.
So had to sand back to bare metal.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Rear Brake

The cabling was changeling. There are plenty of diagrams but all are a bit confusing to me.   this section shows the rear brake cable. First I had to rig up a rear brake light switch.

Hold in place with the leg shields in place to check clearance.

A couple of decant jubilee clips around the bracket to secure.

On with the brake peddle return spring.

Washer Cir clip and grease nipple.

Fit the feral then slip in to the frame bracket.

Then thread the inner cable through the feral into the front clamp and tighten.

Connect the inner cable to the rear clamp and tighten. 

Adjust cable tension until the rear brake shoes are nearly rubbing the drum.

Brake pedal sitting up right and operates the brake light switch as soon as the pedal is depressed.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Below are the legshields as they were when I picked them up. Some deep pitting and many dents.

First I need to knock all the dents out and weld up the splits.

After all the bashing and welding one coat of Acid etch primer and then some yellow spray filler. Each time i sand down this highlights the areas that need some attention.

Out side

Starting to take shape.


Out Side

The original colour of the scooter was Beige. So on went the first coat.

In side

After the four coats of Beige I applied four coats of clear lacquer.

Considering I have used the spray can option all the panel's seem to match.

No more?